About Us

The station:
BeatFlex is a radio station based on Urban Music broadcasting from the Netherlands.
For more than 15 years, plays BeatFlex radio the best in Hiphop and RnB.
BeatFlex radio is no longer bound to the music genre Hiphop and RnB, but now also on Electronic Dance Music (EDM). This term is divided into many genres and categories divided into, House, Deep House, Latin House, Tech House, Progressive House and Funky / Afro House music, so there are many more terms in this genre.

The goal behind BeatFlex radio is to be a pure internet radio station in Urban or House music without any explicit lyrics or with a special selection of tracks, for these all fans to offer communities in the Urban or House music category.
BeatFlex radio was founded by Shorofsky (DJ SHO).
BEAT-FLEX stands for the best BEATS in a FLEXibility format. But also for flexibility in turning the best audible music, from known and unknown artists.

The History:
BeatFlex radio started around the summer season of the year 2000, as an illegal radio station that occupied in the ether.(FM band)
BeatFlex FM was supported by Enjoy FM, because BeatFlex FM was on a small scale, Enjoy FM was called to help in strengthening the ether band.
Enjoy Fm was a popular youth station that was illegally received on the ether at that time.

The collaboration between BeatFlex and Enjoy FM was discontinued after one year on May 1, 2001. BeatFlex went to his own broadcasting station and turned his broadcasting on full voices. The name recognition was received in greater detail in the city of Utrecht (The Netherlands) and the surrounding area. BeatFlex radio became a success of radio stations that listened to the FM band after those great years.

Ending FM:
BeatFlex radio was available throughout Utrecht on the FM 104.90 MHz. We have spent many years on the FM, until 16-08-2004.
On that day, BeatFlex radio was obscured by the Telecom Agency, formerly the Radio Control Service (R.C.S).
BeatFlex radio was taken out of the air, BeatFlex lost his station on the ether (FM band) at 20:00hr. The broadcasts were stopped those weeks afterwards, the loss of the transmitter seized by the Telecom Agency.

BeatFlex radio continued shortly afterwards as interactive web radio on the beginning off 2005. The target audience became more responsive, the concept became sharper and the music became more extensive. The ads at BeatFlex radio were also better promoted via the internet. The audience came to terms with our unique offer, giving us sponsors and more promotional promotion for companies and individuals. BeatFlex radio on the internet was born and has a own slogan!

BeatFlex became big on the internet, with the most variety music. BeatFlex radio was unique to play on air music with a mix off 80’s dance classics, 90’s RnB & Slowjamz, the greatest of the zero’s (00′) and off course today’s best music. All of this with the slogan: Let The Beat Control Your Mind!

Biographic Remon:
Remon also know as MixMaster-R has been active as radio maker and presenter since mid 2006. Remon was also an entertainment DJ his stage name was Mixmaster-R. MixMaster-R had years of experience with parties and clubs playing Bubbling grooves, Hiphop, Rap and RnB music. Remon had been very active in the years before making his own bubbling remixes and tracks.

Remon began as a radio maker with his radio station called Extreme Radio, which took about 1 to 2 years, as it had no unique concept and similar to its name, Remon decided to tackle it differently. Remon decided to invoke help from BeatFlex radio, as BeatFlex had many years of experience in setting up an internet radio station, we entered into collaboration with Qbeats.

Qbeats was born and Remon had a lot of fun for years, it was also a successful young radio station in the Rotterdam city (The Netherlands).
Not only in Rotterdam also on the World Wide Web (the internet), it was characterized by many internet users as a well-listened radio station.
In the years 2006 to 2012 Qbeats did very well, Remon the owner of the station was forced to stop after 2012.

It continued for a while until 2014, Remon decided to pick up the radio again and this time under the name of BeatFlex Radio.
BeatFlex radio thought this was an excellent plan, as Remon has very good qualities as presenter, but also when the man is behind the website.
Remon and Sho have both hit hands in one and have begun to set up and revive BeatFlex radio. For example, the BeatFlex radio website got a cleaning turn, it became more professional, more clear to the internet user, but not only that. The music choice is also more extensive, so BeatFlex has 2 studios now where one can listen to 2 different genres of music.

DJ Karel:
Karel Mostard has been playing in the radio world for years, about 30 years from the first piracy that started in the Netherlands to almost the last. He spent the most pirate years in the east of the country in the area and Zwolle region (Netherlands). As a youth he was inspired by Rob Stenders & Jeroen van Inkel, these two names were a legend in the radio world.

Rob Stenders, has spent many years as a pirate on the radio with illustrious names such as Flamingo, Starlight, Velona, ​​Caroline and Paloma. Rob Stenders has been working for Radio 3 since 1985. At Veronica on Radio 3 he then presents Stenders and Van Inkel, D’Rob or D’ronder and the famous Shockradio. On TV he presents together with Jeroen van Inkel Countdown.

Jeroen Van Inkel started at Radio Nova and went to Hofstad Radio and Radio Decibel. At the end of 1983 he switched to the public broadcaster Radio Veronica, where he made Radio 3 programs, such as Curry and Van Inkel, Stenders and Van Inkel, Staverman and Van Inkel. On September 1, 2003, Radio Veronica is back in the air after years with 80’s and 90’s music hits. Jeroen Van Inkel would like to go back to Radio Veronica, but is still stuck to a contract with RADIO538 and Jeroen Van Inkel does not want this station. After long negotiations, Jeroen can make the switch to Veronica in January 2004.

To go back to Karel who was born and raised in Almelo, he has made his own radio for a long time under the name Ijsselstad104. 104 was the frequency (FM band) 104.00 MHz. Karel Mostard has built up many years of experience at IJsselstad, after which he has collaborated with Digital Hit FM, he has also worked here for years as a radio DJ technician. Presenting outside to he is engaged in making Jingles and speaking voice overs. For him it’s about making beautiful Jingles, producing, entertaining and having fun on radio. His motto is also “Free radio should always stay”.

BeatFlex Rotterdam where Remon’s studio has its own qualities and playlist taste music broadcasting music in Rotterdam is also called a Caribbean genre.
Think of Latin, Salsa, Reggea, Reggeaton, Bubbling and of course our own Hiphop and RnB music.

BeatFlex Utrecht is presented in the same way as in Rotterdam, but with another genre of music.
The genre of music is undoubtedly the same, but with Dance & RnB, Afro House, EDM with also the top variety today’s best music!

BeatFlex Amsterdam plays only the best good old times, 80’s disco/dance classics, Soul and Funk.

Remember our slogan: “Let The Beat Control Your Mind!”