6ix9ine (Pronounced as ‘Six Nine’), also known by the names ‘Tekashi69’ or ‘Tekashi,’ is an American rapper, whose real name is Daniel Harnandez. He is best known for his charted single ‘Gummo,’ which was certified as a platinum record. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and faced financial hardships during his childhood. He was expelled from the school and did some street-jobs to earn his living. He began his musical journey by uploading his tracks on internet platforms such as ‘SoundCloud’ and ‘YouTube,’ and soon gained popularity and a number of followers. Harnandez is known for his creative and extraordinary music videos. His singles ‘Gummo,’ ‘Kooda,’ and ‘Keke’ made to the ‘Billboard Top 100’ charts. His debut mixtape ‘Day69’ featured some well-known names such as ‘Young Thug,’ ‘Offset,’ ‘Fetty Wap’ among others. He has a number of tattoos all over his body and sports long, colorful hair. Since young age, he has been involved in various criminal cases, and also, he was embroiled in controversies with other fellow-artists. Hernandez has a young daughter.

Harnandez was born on May 8, 1996, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, US. His mother is a Mexican while his father, who was murdered in 2009, was a Puerto Rican. When Harnandez was in the 8th grade, He was expelled from the school. After his father’s death, he had to work and earn to help his mother financially. He worked as a bus-boy, then at a bodega and he also dealt in weed (drugs) peddling.

He grew up listening to heavy metal music. At the start of his career he was inspired by rapper RondoNumbaNine.

He was arrested for selling heroine in front of a store and for beating up the store owner. He served jail-sentence, but escaped a long prison-term as he was a minor.Hernandez has the number ‘69’ tattooed over 200 times on his body. The name of his gang is ’69.’ According to him, ‘69’ represents his lifestyle. His explanation of ’69,’ in his words – ‘Because you are right, doesn’t mean I’m wrong. It is a question of perspective. Turn number 6 upside down and it is 9, but remains same in a different perspective. So open up your heart and mind.’ – He is a supporter of the ‘SCUM gang,’ where SCUM stands for ‘Society Can’t Understand Me.’ His philosophy of life is, to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. During earlier days he participated in the ‘New York Walk for AIDs.’

He has some disturbing criminal charges against his name. In 2017, he pled guilty to one felony counts of ‘Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance’ (he has three felony charges against him). In early 2015, he had uploaded three videos on his social media page, wherein he and another male were seen with a minor girl of 13-14 years of age. Later in 2017, he spoke about the case in an interview with ‘DJ Akademics’ and stated that he was 17 (a minor) when the incident happened and admitted that he had uploaded the videos on his Instagram account, which then was banned. Later, his claim of being 17 (at the time of incident) was proved wrong. After he pled guilty, he was ordered to complete his GED. If he failed to obtain GED, he was at the risk of facing jail sentence.

Harnandez has been involved in a few controversies with other artists, one of these being, Trippie Redd, with whom he collaborated once. Accusations were made against Harnandez that his associates assaulted Trippie Redd in a New York hotel. He hasn’t been in any serious relationship, but has a daughter from one of his relationships. The names of his daughter or her mother are not known. Harnandez is known to give donations to the schools in his native Brooklyn.

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