Club MONZA – The Reunion!

Central Studios, Gietijzerstraat 3-5, 3534 AV Utrecht (City)

The Utrecht Club Monza closed the doors in 2012 after 8 years at the Potterstraat. Now there will be a reunion on 23 February 2019. It is in a different location: The Central Studios.

Earlier there was already a call via Facebook to ask as many people as possible whether they were interested in a reunion. There was a lot of response and that is why it is now.

“Who does not know Club Monza ?! From Rush to Latin Lovers, from Supah! Dupah! to Apenkooi and from Zoo on Thursday to go off on Super Sunday on Sunday! “, the organization writes on Facebook. “After many letters, e-mails, applets and smoke signals, it’s time to revive Utrecht’s number 1 club, once again with music and DJs of that time!”

Club Monza was located in the former cinema at the Potterstraat. Today this building is closed after sushi restaurant Sumo was pulled into it. Club Monza was voted best club in the Netherlands for two years in a row (2009/2010).

The monumental residence of Club Monza was from 1945 onwards the home of cinema Scala. In 1989, the cinema had to close because of danger of collapse. After a renovation, the building was reopened. Club Monza has opened its doors since 2005.

The reunion is on February 23 in Central Studios and tickets are €17,50 euros.

More info: Facebook page


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