Jennifer Lopez Dumps Her Man

Jennifer Lopez Dumps Her Man

The love is over, and Jennifer Lopez, Yandel and Abraham Mateo get down to tell the tale in Mateo’s “Se Acabó El Amor” video.

The Spanish singer’s new track is met with a clip that features global stars Yandel and Lopez, who throws a bunch of clothes off a balcony in a dramatic, colorful and liberating display.

“Se Acabó El Amor” introduces the singers in a story of a fallen relationship through lively performances and intricate dance moves, giving the nearly four-minute music video a certain charm reminiscent of classic films such as Singin’ in the Rain.

Already approaching 1 million YouTube views, “Se Acabó El Amor” is also gaining traction on digital music platforms such as Spotify, which has seen more than 6 million streams for the single, according to a rep for Mateo.

Mateo co-wrote the song with Cuban composer Chacal and recorded it in Miami, New York and Los Angeles, where the video was also filmed at Universal Studios. Venezuelan video director Daniel Durán led the stars and many background dancers through a story of heartache with a honey blonde Lopez at the center of the drama.

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