Suge Knight want Eminem to sign

Suge Knight want Eminem to sign

Big Naz was Eminem’s Bodyguard and he saw everything behind the scenes including Eminem’s drug usage to Death Row trying to strong arm Eminem to sign with the label. In this latest interview on the Murder Master Music Show Big Naz talks about this and more.

Left because of Drug Use – I seen it escalate; I couldn’t be around that stuff

It was several things for me! I ended up leaving because we couldn’t come to an agreement about the money I was being paid. It was a great experience but at some point you gotta get your just due. Also at this point I seen some stuff that I didn’t agree with like the drug use. It was cool when it was just the weed and maybe the whippets, but when it started to get harder like with the acid and the shrooms I seen it escalate and I knew that I couldn’t be around it. I knew right then I couldn’t be around that stuff and I didn’t want no part of that so I went back to work at GM.

Suge Knight wanted to strong arm Eminem to sign with Death Row

I thought it was gonna be just dealing with groupies and females but no beefs because he was a white boy doing the black music thing. The only real problem was the whole Death Row Suge Knight thing. That’s when it got real and that’s when I really started to earn my money. I got him outta harms way in a hurry with the whole Death Row click over there. To make a long story short they were trying to strong arm Eminem to come over to Death Row because they were struggling at that time. They wanted Em to come roll with them and when he said no that’s when the problems became. When things got thick I had to get some LAPD Officers to come help us. They pretty much did it behind the scenes.

Becoming Eminem’s Bodyguard – It got to the point to where we really couldn’t go anywhere

Em and them heard about me and asked Em to come on the road but I turned them down. After much convincing from Paul Rosenberg who liked .the way I worked with him at a rave party and next thing you know 3 days later I was on the 1999 tour for the Slim Shady LP and the recording of the Marshal Mathers LP. Eminem was like the Elvis Presley of that time! It got to the point to where we couldn’t go anywhere just walking through the airport was a challenge. .

Proof battled 30 emcees during party at Playboy Mansion

RIP to Proof and to Hug Hefner! We had a party at the Playboy Mansion for an Eminem album release party. They had a battle rap and in the midst of this battle rap you got naked women walking around, exotic animals, and all kinds of shit going on. Paul Rosenberg got this thing on film, there was about 30 guys who lined up and Proof took’em all out! He is the one who taught Em how to freestyle and Em taught Proof how to write rhymes. There was alotta guys! Funk Master Flex was there, DJ Quik was there and alotta underground rappers! Eminem hyped it up while Paul video taped it. I really hope one day he will release that. I never seen anything like that. I seen him take people apart in Detroit but never nothing like this!

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